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Ref75   1352   DE TMC

Turbomachinery controls project for a chemical plant, Germany

June 2023

Compressor control applications for a nitrogen compressor

Replacement of a steam turbine driven nitrogen compressor with an electric motor driven six stage integrally geared centrifugal compressor.

Control-Care's scope of supply was to deliver compressor control applications, Performance Control Application (PCA) and Antisurge Control Application (ACA), implemented within Yokogawa's CENTUM VP.

The compressor control application includes:
- Antisurge Control Application (ACA) for an integrally geared nitrogen compressor with sideloads.
- Performance Control Application (PCA) controls the IGV position setpoint based on desired process value.


Site services for a turbomachinery OEM on a refinery, Iraq

May 2023

Control-Care in action in Iraq

Project consisted of 3 trains with each train having 1 Tank Vapour (TV) radial compressor, 1 LP radial compressor  and 1 HP radial compressor. Compressor auxilliary commissioning included  lube oil system and dry gas seal system.

Total site services included:
Support for three Tank Vapour (TV) compressors including:
- Compressor control systems troubleshooting
- Mechanical commissioning support
- Compressor startup readiness