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Refinery plant automation, controls & instrumentation engineering support, Netherlands

December 2021

Control-Care is providing engineering and  site services, including field commissioning in 2022, support.  This includes the development, support, and maintenance of the process controls and the instrumented protection functions, with the objective of ensuring a safe, reliable, environmentally sound, optimized, and energy-efficient day to day operation. Also including keeping up to date the related controlled documents: Process Control Narratives (PCN), Instrument Safeguarding Narratives (ISN), and Cause and Effect matrices.

Compressor control system upgrade and integration on ABB DCS, Bosnia-Herzegovina

November 2021 (update from August 2019)

Control-Care has implemented an integrated compressor control system on an ABB DCS. The steam turbine drive, for one of the two blowers working in parallel, has been replaced by an ABB electrical drive, using the AC800M controller. Control-Care scope was defined to optimize blower operation by replacing existing turbomachinery control to an integrated solution on ABB's AC800M controller. Commissioning and startup of this electrification project was delayed due to Covid situation but has now been successfully completed.