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Control-Care en De Gidts & Feldman  introduceren compressor antisurge- en stoomturbineregelingen met de Honeywell ControlEdge PLC

October 2020

Voor de eindgebruiker is het een groot voordeel dat deze regelingen niet langer dure en specialistische systemen hoeven te zijn maar dat deze in een PLC geïntegreerd kunnen worden welke ook voor procesregeling gebruikt kan worden. Control-Care is gespecialiseerd in compressor antisurge- en stoomturbineregelingen en heeft in samenwerking met De Gidts & Feldman hun jarenlange ervaring gebruikt bij het ontwikkelen van speciale functieblokken voor de Honeywell ControlEdge PLC, waarin speciale regelalgoritmes zijn geïntegreerd. Lees het volledige artikel gepubliceerd in processcontrol editie oktober 2020.

Control_Care Pokuhura New Zealand

Compressor Control and Protection system, New Zealand

September 2020 update from April 2019

Control-Care completed and realized an integrated compressor control and protection system on a plant DCS which was sold in 2019. A greenfield project adding a new depletion gas compressor to an existing exploration site in New Zealand. Customer quote: "We are very pleased about the functionality of both ACA & PCA applications as well as the professionalism & technical capability that Engineer A & B demonstrated throughout the cold and hot commissioning phases. From project side I am also very pleased about the overall quality and tidiness of supplied deliverables, control system configuration and MOC procedure applied. In general, a very well executed job despite the COVID challenge." 

Applying turbomachinery controls on plant control systems. Article published in CompressorTech2, the Netherlands 

August 2020

With the rapid advancement of microprocessor technology, there is a shift in process control and turbomachinery control towards a software-based solution. When replacing or upgrading (obsolete) turbomachinery control systems, integrating process automations systems for turbomachinery controls provides multiple benefits. It increases the reliability of a customer’s machinery and process. Read the full article.

Synthesis gas and ammonia compressor control training, the Netherlands

July 2020

Control-Care provided an interactive training course to a team of engineers at Chemelot park in Geleen. Dynamic compressor simulation was used to demonstrate compressor behaviour, surge detection and compressor control applications. Sharing turbomachinery controls knowledge and insights directly to the team enabled the engineers to apply insights to their own practices.

Control-Care and Shell

Steam turbine controls integration to plant DCS system, the Netherlands

June 2020

Control-Care has received the order for a steam turbine controls integration into the plant’s DCS. This is the second order from this refinery in the Netherlands after successful implementation of the first steam turbine control system into the plant’s DCS. In Control-Care scope is supply is project software engineering of the control system application including HMI screens and application configuration. Commissioning and Startup is scheduled for later this year.

Control-Care Marokko

Steam turbine controls retrofit, Morocco

April 2020

Control-Care has upgraded the control and protection system of the second Mitsui steam turbine driving a large fan (blower) on one of the largest phosphate mining and processing plant in Morocco. Our scope of delivery includes the unit control panel with our Steam Turbine Control Application (STCA) in a redundant PLC, overspeed protection device, governor valve actuators and trip valve actuator and speed sensors. This is the second unit after the first was done back in 2018.

Control-Care PlusPetrol Peru

Turbomachinery site installation, mechanical and electrical commissioning support, Peru

February 2020

Control-Care has provided site installation and field commissioning support for the delivery of a OEM produced gasturbine compressor set to Latin America. Full site support services were provided for the installation of gasturbine, compressor, mechanical machinery alignment, coolers, lube oil system, ventilators, silencers, turbine air intake, valves and compressor nozzles.

Control system commissioning support for three electric motor driven compressors, FPSO, Norway

October 2019

Control-Care as independent service provider has provide field support and commissioning services to the turbomachinery OEM. This was a greenfield project for a new FPSO vessel in Norway. Our tasks included all the commissioning around the control and automation systems including compressor surge validation testing of the three compressors.

Compressor control system upgrade and integration on ABB DCS, Bosnia-Herzegovina

August 2019

Control-Care will implement an integrated compressor control system on an ABB DCS. The current steam turbine drive, for one of the two blowers working in parallel, is replaced by an ABB electrical drive, using the AC800M controller. Control-Care scope is defined to optimize current blower operation by replacing existing turbomachinery control to an integrated solution on ABB's AC800M controller. Commissioning and startup of the plant is expected for 2020.