Control systems for Turbomachinery and beyond!

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Engineering services for Turbomachinery controls and beyond!

Field Service

Control-Care delivers their services on most commonly used PLC's, DCS’ and dedicated turbomachinery control systems, including a wide range of components used for turbomachinery control systems. The company employs qualified, certified and experienced engineers.

Our engineers are capable of adapting quickly to new situations and taking the initiative to organize, maintain and speed up the commissioning process. We have successfully commissioned numerous units for different processes in various machine configurations. This experience will be to your benefit while commissioning, servicing and troubleshooting your turbomachinery controls equipment and field instrumentation.

Control-Care and COVID-19 / Corona

The COVID-19 / Corona virus outbreak has a worldwide impact on people and on how organizations conduct their business and run their operations. The imposed regulations and restrictions have a serious impact on how our employees have to perform their daily tasks ensuring their own safety and well being of their loved ones. We have made adjustments to continue supporting our customers in a safe way for their employees and for our service engineers. We are committed to communicating with you about the impact that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or its related governmental restrictions may have on the deployment of our engineers. All our service engineers are in good health, follow the protocols and recommendations of the health authorities, work from home, keep adequate distance at work and have not travelled to risk areas during the past weeks. Control-Care continues to be in full operation and is committed to provide the best possible support for our customers.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay inspired!

Management Control-Care