Control systems for Turbomachinery and beyond!

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Our Vision and Mission

Control-Care envisages sharing the acquired understanding of turbomachinery controls and extensive field experience with other companies in order to support them in the requested areas.

Control-Care contributes to a reduction of energy consumption of turbomachinery and thus a smaller CO2 footprint through optimal control strategies and smart control algorithms. In addition, more and more companies are looking for optimal maintenance strategies for such assets via Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics; it saves costs and increases the availability of such installations.

Control-Care strives to become a valued business partner by offering the best possible support and most allround engineers in the field of turbomachinery controls and beyond. Such support may be last minute and very specific up to long term and entire project execution, dependent on the requests.

For additional information please check our company flyer or glance through our impressive and extensive project reference list. 


Compressor Control for hydrogen recycle compressor, Sweden

January 2024

Replacement of an obsolete hydrogen recycle compressor controller with Control-Care's antisurge control (ACA) solution within DCS.

Replacing existing obsolete Hartmann&Braun Protronic PS controller with an integrated solution using a C300-20 Honeywell Experion release 520.2 system. Control-Care scope included Honeywell's C300 cabinet hardware and supply of compressor software logic and Control-Care's  antisurge control application (ACA).

Control-Care's Antisurge Control Application (ACA) for hydrogen recycle gas compressor, implemented within C300-20 Honeywell Experion release 520.2.

CC breaking news

Breaking News!

December 2023

Control-Care is expanding to the Middle East!

Control-Care's vision knows no bounds and therefore we are spreading our wings and establishing a strong presence in the Middle East.
Our offices in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Al Khobar (Saudi Arabia), Doha (Qatar), and Manama (Bahrain) will open their doors on January 1, 2024 and are a testament to our dedication of serving you better. This strategic move enables us to provide our solutions and services catered specifically to the Middle East market.
Together, let's embark on this thrilling chapter and create a world of endless turbomachinery control possibilities in the Middle East!