Control systems for Turbomachinery and beyond!

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Engineering services for Turbomachinery controls and beyond!

Turbomachinery control

Our proven technical expertise and knowledge provides design, implementation and support of our turbomachinery applications for a wide variety of control system vendors.

Control-Care provides a set of hardware platform independent turbomachinery control applications for gas turbines (GTCA), steam turbines (STCA) and compressors. The compressor control applications comprise antisurge control (ACA), performance control (PCA) and load-balancing through our station control application (SCA). We use leading third-party off-the-shelf hardware and software products to implement and integrate our field proven algorithms.

All our turbomachinery control applications are engineered ensuring full compatibility of applications with vendor’s hardware platform and industry standards.

Any customer preferred and industry proven control hardware platform may be selected for their particular projects to ensure seamless integration with the plant’s other systems without the need to select another, third-party, ‘black box’. New and existing turbomachinery equipment are supported by tailor made engineered solutions, state of the art systems and advanced turbomachinery control applications.

Implementing Control-Care applications will allow you to achieve operation on lowest possible power consumption due to highest accuracy and availability of compressor antisurge control, turbine speed control and unsurpassed load-balancing techniques for multiple units.


Benefits of using Process Automation Systems for Turbomachinery Control