Control systems for Turbomachinery and beyond!

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Company Description

Control-Care specializes in turbomachinery and other industrial control systems offering systems, as well as services to customers in oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and power generation industries.

Our ambitious target is to provide solution-oriented engineering and services for any kind of turbomachinery controls challenge while maintaining highest industry standards. 

We design new and rejuvenate existing turbomachinery control systems, providing field and troubleshooting services and tailor-made training at site for turbomachinery OEMs, engineering contractors and end-users globally. Our qualified and certified engineers are experienced on a wide range of turbomachinery control and monitoring systems and covers all major and third party supplied control systems.

For additional information please check our company flyer or glance through our impressive and extensive project reference list.

Control-Care and COVID-19 / Corona

The COVID-19 / Corona virus outbreak has a worldwide impact on people and on how organizations conduct their business and run their operations. The recently imposed regulations and restrictions have a serious impact on how our employees have to perform their daily tasks ensuring their own safety and well being of their loved ones. We have made adjustments to continue supporting our customers in a safe way for their employees and for our service engineers. All our service engineers are in good health, follow the protocols and recommendations of the health authorities, work from home, keep adequate distance at work and have not travelled to risk areas. Control-Care continues to be in full operation and is committed provide the best possible support for our customers.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay inspired!

Management Control-Care

Field supervision & support for hot commissioning and startup of 5 steam turbine driven compressors, Brunei

February 2022

For each compressor, natural gas, syngas, ammonia refrigeration, air and CO2 respectively, a dedicated fault tolerant PLC type controller with purposely built control applications was commissioned. In addition, control for 6 steam turbines for Syngas/Refrigerant/Air/CO2 compressors, Generator and boiler feedwater pump were part of the scope as well. Three of these steam turbines also have extraction control enabled.  The scope of this project was limited only to speed control for the turbines and anti-surge control for the compressors, but was a technical challenge in relation to the tight margins for the extraction control pressure. 

Refinery plant automation, controls & instrumentation engineering support, Netherlands

December 2021

Control-Care is providing engineering and  site services, including field commissioning in 2022, support.  This includes the development, support, and maintenance of the process controls and the instrumented protection functions, with the objective of ensuring a safe, reliable, environmentally sound, optimized, and energy-efficient day to day operation. Also including keeping up to date the related controlled documents: Process Control Narratives (PCN), Instrument Safeguarding Narratives (ISN), and Cause and Effect matrices.