Control systems for Turbomachinery and beyond!

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At Control-Care our vision knows no bounds and therefore we are spreading our wings and establishied a strong presence in the Middle East.

Company Description

Control-Care specializes in turbomachinery and other industrial control systems offering systems, as well as services to customers in oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and power generation industries.

Our ambitious target is to contribute to a reduction of energy consumption of turbomachinery and thus a smaller CO2 footprint through development of optimal control strategies and smart control algorithms. Control-Care provides solution-oriented engineering and services for any kind of turbomachinery controls challenge while maintaining highest industry standards. 

We design new and rejuvenate existing turbomachinery control systems, providing field and troubleshooting services and tailor-made training at site for turbomachinery OEMs, engineering contractors and end-users globally. In addition, more and more customers are looking for optimal maintenance strategies for their turbomachinery via remote monitoring and diagnostics; it saves costs and increases the availability of such installations.

Our qualified and certified engineers are experienced on a wide range of turbomachinery control and monitoring systems and covers all major and third party supplied control systems. For additional information please check our company flyer or glance through our impressive and extensive project reference list.

Compressor UCP Rejuvenation, Denmark

May 2024

Control-Care's scope included full refurbishment of the UCP, which controls two centrifugal compressors on board of the platform.

Obsolete PLC system is replaced by platform’s standard ABB DCS with Control-Care's compressor antisurge control applications inside and full rejuvenation of UCP including the vibration monitoring system.

 Project FAT successfully completed and commissioning and start up expected in late 2024.

Compressor surge detection for air compressor, Indonesia

April 2024

Control-Care's Surge Detection System for a centrifugal compressor. The system produces compressor surge detection alarms to DCS and MCC for the Main Air Compressor.

Equipment and applications: Control-Care Surge Detection System (simplex), MAN ES centrifugal air compressor, Yokogawa Centum VP DCS.
Control-Care's compressor surge detection systems are available in 

  • Simplex - one out of one "1oo1" configuration,
  • Redundant - two out of two "2oo2" configuration,
  • Triple redundant - two out of three "2oo3" configuration.